What is Hash Rate

By subscribing to the power contract, you can open digital currency mining in real time, and help you achieve higher mining revenue through BITWA"s professional mine deployment and caring service.

  • For novice players

    Quick start, low price, easy operation

  • For professional players

    Stable operation, professional services, high mining revenue

  • For large mining

    High platform security, one-click agent mining service

Hash rate

**The daily fee includes electricity and maintenance costs. The daily fee is calculated in the daily profit. If the contract"s daily fee exceeds the revenue for 60 consecutive days, the contract will automatically terminate.

Monitor mining anytime, anywhere

I easily manage mining activities. The analysis of income and computing power is at your fingertips.


How to get started?

First, please purchase our cloud computing contract. You don't need any professional hardware equipment, we will mine for you. If you have your own mining machine (such as Ant S9 or Avalon 721), you can connect your mining machine to the mining address shown in the main control panel.

Why do I earn more in the BitWa.com pool?

We pay 98% of the block rewards and have a very high share acceptance rate. Our cloud computing contract also has the most competitive price in the industry.

Why sell cloud computing contracts? Why not keep mining profits for yourself?

We expand our computing power by selling cloud computing contracts. We will use the cloud computing contract revenue to buy more mining machines immediately. If we don't sell cloud computing contracts,

We will have to use our own capital to buy more mining machines. Selling cloud computing contracts at a better price allows us to have better working capital and thus develop faster than traditional methods.